Activities and Lesson Plans



NEW! Help Stay Healthy OJ Nutrition Get Growing Poster Be a Breakfast Inspector Start with Citrus
OJ for Every Body Energize Your Day The Citrus Way Start Smart Healthy Activities Poster
Health Benefits Breakfast Maze

Language Arts

Story Maze From Tree to Table Second Grade Scrapbook Get Your Ideas Growing Keep the Story Going
Captain Citrus Rap The Citrus Times Reading Tree Poster Summer Citrus Reading Cloze Reading
Word Search Graphic Organizer Captain C's Letter Home Citrus Word Puzzle Captain C's Code
Vitamin C Storyboard Captain C's Journey Crossword Puzzle The Joy of OJ MadLib Breakfast WordSearch
Match & Trace

Social Studies

Celebrate Thanksgiving A Citrus Timeline The Sunshine State On the Grow The Citrus State


Fall for Citrus Citrus Science The Citrus Life Cycle Be a Weather Watcher Soil Science
Grow a Citrus Seedling Citrus Smarts From Seed to Sip Tree to Table Maze


Slice It Up Citrus Stats How Many Oranges? Which Tastes Best?

Art & Music

Captain Citrus Mobile Captain Citrus Stickers Captain Citrus Rap Draw Captain Citrus

Family Activities

The Captain's Kitchen Citrus Health Quiz Family Fun Day The World of Citrus Happy Holidays
Happy Thanksgiving Kitchen Fun The Citrus Crew Start Smart with Citrus Creative in the Kitchen
Citrus Season Valentine Treat Create a Family Treat

Teaching Kits

Each teaching kit provides a complete classroom unit incorporating several of the activities shown above.

NEW! Nutrition Month Science Science & Health Nutrition Month Social Studies
Math Science Social Studies Cross-Curricular Cross-Curricular

Nutrition Month Creative Writing Cross-Curricular K-5 Lessons K-5 Lessons
K-5 Health K-5 Lessons